Anti-conception medication and family arranging

Anti-conception medication and family arranging

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Your decision of an anti-conception medication strategy relies upon various elements, including your wellbeing, how frequently you have intercourse, and whether you need youngsters.


Family Planning and Birth Control Options
Family Planning and Birth Control Options

Here are a few inquiries to consider while choosing a conception prevention strategy:

How well does the technique forestall pregnancy? To tell how well a technique functions, take a gander at the quantity of pregnancies in 100 ladies utilizing that strategy over a time of 1 year.

What are your sentiments about getting pregnant? Would an impromptu pregnancy make hardship or misery to a lady or her accomplice? Or on the other hand would a pregnancy be invited on the off chance that it happened sooner than arranged?

What amount does a technique for conception prevention cost? Does your protection plan pay for it?

What are the wellbeing dangers? Discussion about these dangers with your social insurance supplier before accepting what you get notification from others.

Is your accomplice ready to acknowledge and utilize a given technique for conception prevention?

Do you need a technique that you possibly need to utilize when you engage in sexual relations? Or on the other hand do you need something that is set up and continually working?

Is forestalling diseases spread by sexual contact significant? Numerous techniques don’t shield you from explicitly transmitted contaminations (STIs). Condoms are the best decision for forestalling STIs. They work best when joined with spermicides.

Accessibility: Can the strategy be utilized without a solution, a supplier visit, or, on account of minors, parental assent?


A condom is a slim latex or polyurethane sheath. The male condom is set around the erect penis. The female condom is set inside the vagina before intercourse.

A condom must be worn consistently during intercourse to forestall pregnancy.

Condoms can be purchased in most medication and supermarkets. Some family arranging centers offer free condoms. You needn’t bother with a solution to get condoms.


A stomach is an adaptable elastic cup that is loaded up with spermicidal cream or jam.

It is put into the vagina over the cervix before intercourse, to keep sperm from arriving at the uterus.

It ought to be left set up for 6 to 8 hours after intercourse.

Stomachs must be endorsed by a lady’s supplier. The supplier will decide the right kind and size of stomach for the lady.

Around 5 to 20 pregnancies happen more than 1 year in 100 ladies utilizing this strategy, contingent upon legitimate use.

A comparable, littler gadget is known as a cervical top.

Dangers incorporate bothering and unfavorably susceptible responses to the stomach or spermicide, and expanded recurrence of urinary tract contamination and vaginal yeast disease. In uncommon cases, poisonous stun disorder may create in ladies who leave the stomach in excessively long. A cervical top may cause a strange Pap test.


Vaginal preventative wipes are delicate, and contain a compound that executes or “debilitates” sperm.

The wipe is saturated and embedded into the vagina, to cover over the cervix before intercourse.

The vaginal wipe can be purchased at your drug store without a remedy.

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