Bank of America, Account of Ices Ex-PayPal CFO, ‘Did you buy any Bitcoins?’

Bank of America, Account of Ices Ex-PayPal CFO, ‘Did you buy any Bitcoins?’

Bitcoin (BTC) numbers could have a new transformation when PayPal’s former chief financial officer suddenly appeared to have lost access to the banking system.

In a Twitter debate on 18 November, Roelof Botha announced that Bank of America (BoA) has chosen to close its account. The reason for the bank correspondence was not specified.

“Absolutely no description”
Botha uploaded an edited screenshot of a letter he received about the closing and summarized it as follows:

“After being a @BankofAmerica customer for 20 years, I got this notification that they decided to fire me as their customers today! Absolutely no explanation. ”

The event adds an unnoticeable irony among crypto currency Twitter commentators. As Cointelegraph reports, PayPal is also known for seemingly random account closures and freezer user funds.

Last week, the company stopped serving the adult entertainment site Pornhub, causing the 100,000 models of service to fail to earn.

Former PayPal manager urges BTC to buy
So, as now, attention is focused on the ability of centralized trustworthy organizations to control the money of others. With Bitcoin, it is not possible for a third party to deny access unless a user chooses to use a wallet in which he does not check private keys.

As a special effort, Key of Key continues to tell existing Bitcoin owners not to save money on stock exchanges or use third-party hosting.

Mı Did you get any Bitcoins? ”Entrepreneur and Civic CEO Vinny Lingham answered Botha. Other names known from the industry followed him in the same way as venture capitalist Adam Draper, telling him to buy the crypto currency.

Twitter They’re trying to promote Bitcoin, Popüler said popular Twitter merchant Rhythm.

BoA itself already had a bad reputation for crypto currency tolerance. Previously, Ripple’s blockchain offers for a trend using cards that buy Bitcoin, while closer to the lender’s customers are banned.

Bank of America, Ices Ex-PayPal CFO'sunun Hesabı, 'Herhangi Bir Bitcoin Aldınız mı?'

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