Cryptographic Markets Show Signs of Recovery While BTC Stands Over $ 8500

Cryptographic Markets Show Signs of Recovery While BTC Stands Over $ 8500

Sunday, November 17 – Crypto markets show signs of moderate recovery, while Bitcoin (BTC) rises above the $ 8,500 price mark.

For the better part of the day, the world’s largest crypto currency has recently moved slowly to the $ 8,700 price mark, trading in a narrow range between $ 8,500 and $ 8,600. Bitcoin is currently trading at $ 8,515 and is up 0.32% daily.

Is he slowly bleeding to $ 8,200?
On Friday, Bitcoin tried to lower the $ 9,000 price level, but was quickly rejected and returned to the low levels below $ 8,600 during the weekend.

Cointelegraph’s contribution to Michaël van de Poppe pe confirms a slight trend change (like the scenario) tick up as much as $ 8,800 ”adding that the overall bull feeling remains positive about the refund but we want to:

“If not, this slow bleeding could go up to $ 8,200 as the next level. Sensuality; fear. Frankly.”

Meanwhile, Ether (ETH) currently sits near $ 183 per coin. The number one subcoin continues to trade perfectly with BTC, indicating an upward price behavior with a 73% increase in its current position.

XRP, the third largest coin of market capitalization, has consistently lost space in the last few days. However, the press is participating in a small recovery trend with an increase of .45% at the time of recovery. The XRP currently stands at $ 0.263 per coin.

Top 20 mostly shows green candlesticks
Most of the top 20 coins show green candlesticks, while Maker (MKR) offers absolute leadership and earns more than 7%. In second place, Cardano (ADA) is growing more than 4% per day to trade at $ 0.046 per coin.

Most of the other top 20 coins show moderate gains of up to 2% per day, with the exception of Chainlink (LINK), which is almost 3%.

General crypto currency market bonds are currently at $ 237.8 billion and Bitcoin accounts for 65.65% of the total.

BTC 8500 $ 'ın Üzerinde Dururken Kripto Piyasaları İyileşme Belirtileri Gösteriyor

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