Detoxing Your Body

Introduction: What Goes In CAN’T Always Come Out On Its Own?

First, let me say that many people do not believe that the body needs to be detoxified. I can’t say that I was a full fledged believer either — until I did it myself. As a matter of fact, I don’t exactly know for a fact if “detoxification” would be the right term for it. But for what it’s worth, I bounced back from sickness afterwards and I am not one of those health nut, psycho-hippie weirdoes either. No offense. I am a normal, skeptical, run of the mill woman who likes to research before she jumps into things. However, for my first cleanse I just took my best friend’s word for it and just did it. I was desperate, I had kidney problems and gout at age 28 and needed relief. I did the Master Cleanse (The Lemonade Diet) and within the first 3 days my gout was gone and my right kidney no longer ached. Could it have been the fact that I was really hydrated? Maybe. Do I think it was worth it, regardless. Yes, I do.

Parasites however are a known fact, however so many ideas and beliefs abound over that factor as well. We need good intestinal flora like L-Acidophilus, B-Bifidus & B. Longum but not parasites such as roundworms and hookworms (ick, no we don’t need those!). Some products claim to kill these parasites and you then pass them with your bowel movement. I know what you are thinking, that sounds reeeeally nasty. I don’t think I want to go on one of these because if I see something come out of me that looks like an alien or a worm, I am never eating again. My mom and sister claimed that they drank some tea and took some pills which were supposed to kill parasites and by the end of the week they were passing these things that look like some twisted shrimp and some worms. I was mortified when they called and told me that! I yelled, “EEEEEW!!! Don’t tell me that! Are you sure they didn’t put some little creatures in your supplements or teas??” I think I would have passed out had I seen mutant sea monkeys in the toilet!

I even emailed Stephen Barrett, M.D. from  to ask him just what the heck was the stuff that came out of their colons. He says on his website that mucoid plaque is a myth too, but my mom, sister and step-dad did on of those “cleanses” and junk came out of them then, too! He said he didn’t know what it was, how could he, and I said well my mom is an R.N. and not some liar (I didn’t say this in a hostile fashion) and he said he really doesn’t know what it could possibly be. Then I wondered if there was some powdered concoction in the pills which actually makes the sludge that comes out. You know, to make you think you have mucoid plaque. All I know is that is nasty and I want no part of it. But if you try it, please let me know if it worked or what your experiences were.

Anyway… now that we are all uneasy about what goes on in our bodies, there are Detox, Reduction, and Parasite cleanses. And also those who doubt their efficacy.

Cleanses, homeopathic medicine and detoxification, purging parasites programs, as well as the art of ancient medicine probably dates back as long as there have been people. From basic wound care to treating abscessed teeth — man has always sought to remedy pains and sickness with herbs and plants. Many herbs are used to produce medicines today. There is no doubt in my mind that herbs and alternative methods are beneficial in some form of another. From ancient Native American parasite cleansing to Chinese acupuncture, millions of people over many centuries have found relief from their ails before Pfizer came to be.

“Bad” Food Creating Problems?
These days, in our busy schedules and spoiled taste buds, we pump in all sorts of nasties into our body. We have no time to cook from scratch, we don’t grow our own vegetables and we love things that taste good. Even if this means foods high in high fructose corn syrup, starches, bleached flours and added chemicals. I really try not to eat like that anymore, but before I did on a regular basis. What did I know? I do eat undercooked meat and dairy products. Perhaps I have parasites??

These chemicals, high carb meals and refined sugars aren’t so bad for the body if taken in moderation (meaning every once in a while) but the nasties do build up in your body and your fat stores and cholesterol levels skyrocket! Many of you may wonder if all of those pizzas, Snickers and tubs of Ben & Jerry’s are hurting your body. Well, it is if you eat it all of time and you will notice this by gaining weight, feeling sluggish after your starch/sugar highs and sometimes dizzy. You may feel this way not exactly because of what you are putting into it only but what you are putting SOLELY into it and NOT putting the good stuff into it, as well. You can’t live off of Mac ‘n Cheese and Kastleburgers. Yo-yoing and high-carb diets will make you gain weight and feel cruddy. Diets deficient in nutrients and minerals will eventually run you down and make you sick. Diets high in sugar, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, drugs, and empty calories WILL make your body sick eventually. It is simple as that. A high glycemic diet will run you down and affect your hormones as well.

Some doubt the storing of “toxins”. Many people consider these “toxins” akin to a poison that is slowly killing our bodies. I truly don’t consider them toxins, but I do think that cruddy food and chemicals can affect your body and make you feel nasty or get weapon your immune system. But, I will refer to them as toxins for simplicity’s sake. But as far as parasites go I have never really seen anything odd come out since adulthood. Not even after a 13 day cleanse. Although the cleanse I went on was not a parasite cleanse.

Classic beef burger

Chemicals, Pesticides & Antibiotics
we were exposed to germs but because of what is fat soluble and is released into the body as the excess fat is used by the body. This even happens in the animal kingdom, so don’t tell me I am full of it. Unfortunately, in the Spring of 2000 the marine biologists of the Northwest Pacific noticed a steep and unexplained decline in the Orca (killer whale) population. Many were getting sick and dying. The marine biologists discovered this was inadvertently caused by a decrease in the salmon population due to overfishing — but NOT directly because they were not eating enough and starving to death. It was found that the salmon had toxic levels of pesticides from run off into the streams that they absorbed while migrating up and down river for the mating season. Apparently the Orcas were “fine” when they ate the salmon as the toxins were stored in the fat. However, when the Orcas were subject to a drop in their food source and began to burn their fat stores, the toxins leached into their systems and slowly poisoned them resulting in death of the younger calves and geriatric adults as well. The toxicity levels were confirmed in carcasses and specimens and compared with “healthy”, average-weighted Orcas (AND salmon specimens) of prior studies.

A separate study with Nancy Black and Richard Ternullo includes samples from 12 of 125 transient killer whales in Monterey Bay. Their DDT and PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) levels were alarmingly high. Te orcas were subject to these high levels in their blubber from contaminated fish which fed off of smaller fish, which in turn fed off of the plankton which were exposed to these chemicals. Diet is everything and when it is poor or contains chemicals and poisons, it catches up with you eventually. Although the PCB’s effects on the whales were not known, the pesticide’s and DDT’s effects were detrimental to the whales.

This may happen with us as well. Although, most may argue that the human body is very tough — and it is. But repeated exposure to toxins, pesticides, antibiotics, the environment and addictive substances can take its toll on the body resulting in suppressed immune systems, unexplained aches, common afflictions such as gout, asthma, gastrointestinal problems and more. Additionally antibiotics can destroy the “good” intestinal flora and we sometimes need to replenish this for a healthy digestive track. Some eat yogurt which contains live enzymes and bacteria and some take supplements which contain dormant, yet live bacteria. So, how do we help our bodies help themselves? Read on…

What Is Body Detoxification?
I honestly can not sit here and tell you how and what each cleanse does. This is not only because there are so many, but also because I do not know how each affects the body, and believe that I am not qualified to explain to you along with my own studies of what a cleanse has that can benefit the body. Many cleanses consist of herbs, typical and non-typical plants; many people who cleanse are into homeopathic and alternative medicine. Some of just normal people who had a good or miraculous experience and now are firm believers. Remember, I am your conventional type of gal and not an alternative medicine man — er woman type of person. Many people are adamantly opposed to and feel that cleanses are nonsense or even dangerous. So be it, everyone is entitled to their opinion. And the only reason I am a believer is because of how I feel today in comparison to how I was doing pre-cleanse. I also know that there are many people out there who use an olive oil and lemon juice cleanse to clean the liver and gall bladder. They passed stones directly after and they stopped having pains. Were all these cases coincidental? Impossible.

What’s The Point?
The whole point of cleansing though, is to give the body a fresh start; utilize excess stored body of fat, ingest various anti-oxidants (like acidic fruits), deprive the body of what it may be addicted to (caffeine, sugar, smoking, drugs, etc.) which leads to eventual purging of the toxins in your system and impacted feces — as well as promote gastrointestinal tract lubrication and to hydrate the body. Parasite cleanses reportedly cause parasites to die off and be expelled from the body; however some insist that you must choose a cleanse which removes the adult parasites, their larvae and the eggs from your body. Any of these may increase your energy level, help you kick your caffeine, smoking or drug habit if you have one, and help you reboot so to speak and install a new diet.

What is the best detox
What is the best detox

Are You A Candidate For Body Detoxification?
This is something that only your doc can tell you, and I’ll also tell you what — most docs do not believe in cleansing. So there you have it. Many patients who are very ill are usually not encouraged to engage in something as harsh as a 2 week cleanse, however, oddly enough those who are very ill start looking into cleansing to help them recover. Some cleanses are only for 24 hours, some 3 days, some 4 or 5 and some 2 weeks long. Some parasite cleanses last 45 days! Obviously Alternative Medicine is NOT an exact science, just as conventional Medicine is not. But it interesting to note that those who are at their wit’s end, and still seeking relief when conventional Medicine had failed them, have found relief through alternative methods. Power of the mind, factual or coincidental — who cares as long as it worked for them.

I cannot suggest a cleanse to anyone, especially those who are on medications for their health or who have diagnosed conditions. I can tell you about my own experiences and those of others which you can possibly consider. But this is your body, its your choice. Be careful and listen to your body. If you do go on a cleanse of any kind and you feel faint for an extended period of time, you should stop whatever it is that you are doing. You may feel a little sick, have a sore throat or feverish, but if you feel dizzy or nauseated, please be careful. You may not be fit enough to put your body through something like this. Perhaps do a 24 hour or 2 day cleanse to start out. Don’t force yourself into something that your body is rejecting. Although some intense cleanses have been reported to really make you feel bad at first and then it tapers off and the symptoms of your ailment begin to gradually diminish. How that is, I truly do not know. I am not claiming to be any kind of expert here just asking that you have an open mind, do some research and think real long and hard before beginning a cleanse. There are some crazies out there who have done outrageous things to their body and report they have been “cured” — believe half of what you hear and don’t listen to everything you read.

However, if you are sluggish, have bloating, joint pains, stomach cramps, gallstones, indigestion, excess fat, kidney problems, infections, gout, arthritis, boils, ulcers, have no appetite, seem sick but don’t have a cold or the flu, or you’ve tried a balanced diet and your doctor can’t figure out what is ailing you — maybe, just maybe one of these will work.

How A Body Detoxification Is Done
Cleanses vary. Some you take pills for, some you concoct drinks in the privacy of your own home, some you drink ready-made teas or shakes. Some you eat only certain foods, some you don’t eat at all. There is just about every combination of ingredients, or lack thereof, you can think of that is supposed to “help” you. For those which you must purchase, buyer beware, some may be placebos — some may be beneficial. Ask around, check for those you might buy, pre-made, on the web. Many people believe that nature has given them everything they need to fix their bodies without manufactured medicines. Some people eat only cabbage for a week. Some drink only fruit juice, others tomato juice and lemons. I even read one about consuming only bread and water for a week — I don’t buy into that one though. There was even one that instructed to consume nothing whatsoever but water!

You will find every remedy imaginable so please take care in researching before you try something. Speak to real people who have done this and not those on the payroll. Burdock root has a long reputation of use in Chinese medicine, it is also a diuretic. There are Burdock root teas which are often used for renal problems, gout, infections and joint problems. A tincture of the green covering around a black walnut, powdered wormwood (leaves of the Artemisia absynthium shrub) and powdered clove are said to kill parasites effectively when taken together (in the right combination, tinctures and amounts of course so don’t of off and eat shrubs and walnuts).

Some include laxative teas or salt water washes. This may involve a lot of cramping and a lot of toilet time. Not to be gross but it’s true an its better you know now than later. This part is not for the faint of mind. Some herbs induce intestinal spasms which induce bowel movements. Many teas are made from Senna leaves or Cascara sagrada. These cause the intestinal tract to spasm which in turn stimulates a bowel movement. I have used Senna and let me tell you it is harsh for me. Some teas have fennel or star anise added to them to lessen the painful cramps which accompany laxative teas but still induce bowel movements. Both fennel and star anise have anti-spasmodic properties. Other laxative herbs include Slippery Elm, Sheep Sorrel, Black Walnut and medical Turkey Rhubarb. Living off of a liquid or soft, protein free diet with plenty of water and a lot of bowel movements will clean something out eventually.

Please research the particular type of cleanse you want through a search engine like for more information about the vast amount of products, recipes for the body ailment or symptom(s) you may have and also for opposing beliefs of its efficacy.

The Road To Recovery
The road to recovery usually begins within day three of your cleanse. I don’t mean recovery like a surgical recovery or a recovery after an injury. Rather the recovery your body is going through after the cleanse takes affect and helps your body help itself. I am referring to the process in which your body expels compacted fecal matter and parasites or your addictions to caffeine, sugar, drugs and other stimulants.

However you may experience slight nausea, diarrhea, cramping, anal itching, insomnia, sore throat, fever, headache and shakes — especially when breaking a stimulant habit. Frequent bathroom trips may be necessary, especially with increased fluid intake and laxative consumption. Remember if you start feeling really badly, cease whatever it is you are doing — and be sure to keep yourself hydrated! Nausea is just something I don’t understand in a cleanse. If you start to vomit, obviously it’s not good for you. Obviously, there is something wrong. I have never felt nauseated while on a cleanse and only had diarrhea because of the Senna leaf teaf. I almost always had increased energy and was even able to exercise (an hour of advanced Tae Bo) daily.

Risks & Complications Of Body Detoxification
With excessive diarrhea and vomiting without proper rehydration, it is possible to become dehydrated. Symptoms of dehydration include dark hellow urine, confusion and irritability, dry skin, dry lips, cotton mouth, fever over 101° F, low urine output, muscle cramps, sunken and dry eyes, kidney cramps, accumulation of thick, white saliva at the corners of the mouth, raspy voice, lethargy, inelastic skin, increased pallor.

If dizziness and lack of energy, cease cleanse and start on broths and plenty of water. Increase to vegetable soups and soft foods until you are able to eat solid food again. Seek medical attention if you feel increasingly worse. Remember this is in no way a diagnosis, a recommendation or medical advice. Please research anything and everything before you do it.

The Least You Need To Know

What: A Cleanse, Detoxification or Parasite Eradication Program

Why: To remove compacted fecal matter, parasites, and help with addictions to sugar, caffeine, drugs and other stimulants. To help with joint problems, gastrointestinal disorders, and promote general good health and increased nutrient consumption from foods.

When: When you are feeling unhealthy and lethargic, after a long period of unhealthy eating, when pains arise for no reason, when Medical Science has no remedy for your complaints, whenever you feel like it.

Risks: vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, weight loss, dehydration.

Duration: from 24 ours to 45 days, depending upon cleanse type

Activity: commonly no restraints

End result: usually at the end of the duration of the cleanse for normal cases and by a second or third cycle for extreme problems

Anything else? Many people do not believe in these methods, seek an opinion from your general practitioner. There are also lots of variations, please research thoroughly.

Longevity: Results usually last until you begin eating poorly again for cleanses and detoxes or consume undercooked meats and dairy products as well as raw vegetables for parasite removal. programs.

But Wait! There’s More! Some programs have maintenance such as the parasite programs. Parasites are said to be picked up from children, each other, through saliva, blood, food, daily items and more.

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